Steamer set (3-piece) – White 18 cm 2l

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Steamer set (3-piece)
Collection: Classic – White

Diameter: 18 cm
Capacity: 2.00 litres

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Steamer set (3-piece)
Collection: Classic – White

Diameter: 18 cm
Capacity: 2.00 litres

Short Description:

This porcelain enamel 3-piece white steamer set is perfect for cooking potatoes or vegetables gently. You can also use it to steam pasta, fish or meat. With steaming, food preserves many vitamins and nutrients. The steam prevents food from drying up. You don’t need to add as much fat, salt or spices, as the natural flavour of ingredients is preserved and is therefore more intense. With steaming, the food remains in its natural state. The steamer can also be used to defrost, heat food or to sterilise items.

The steamer consists of two pots and a lid. The steamer is 18 cm in diameter, and it has space for approx. 1 kg of potatoes, which are placed in a perforated sieve insert. The water is put in the bottom part of the steamer, and the sieve with ingredients (potatoes) is placed on top. With the lid closed, water needs to be brought to boil and then reduced to simmer.

This steamer set is made of high-quality enamel from natural materials and with a non-porous surface. It is UV and acid resistant, so it can also be used for acidic food, such as tomatoes or fruits etc. Enamel cookware is suitable for all ovens and stoves: induction, ceramic, electric, and gas. It is easy to clean, suitable for dishwasher.


  • Handmade from natural materials *
  • Ecologically and CO²-neutrally produced in Austria, powered by producer’s own hydroelectric power
  • Induction-compatible and can be used with all oven types – due to the iron core
  • Cut- and scratch-resistant – due to the hard surface
  • Easy to clean and bacteria-inhibiting – due to the smooth, non-porous surface made of glass
  • Energy-saving cooking – due to the perfect heat conduction of iron in the base and the walls
  • Healthy and aroma-neutral – retains the taste of the ingredients
  • Heat-resistant up to 450°C – maximum recommended working temperature 220°C
  • Long-lasting if treated properly
  • Dishwasher safe. Hand-wash recommended for long-lasting enamel gloss
  • Recyclable into scrap metal

* Porcelain enamel is glass on iron, firmly bound together in a furnace.

Additional information


2.00 l


Pure White


Porcelain Enamel

Country of Origin



RIESS Kelomat GmbH


Riess Premium Enamel


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