Airtight food pot (oval) – White 0.75l

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Airtight food pot (oval)
Collection: Classic – White

Diameter: 12 cm
Capacity: 0.75 litre
Height: 13.7 cm

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Airtight food pot (oval)
Collection: Classic – White

Diameter: 12 cm
Capacity: 0.75 litre
Height: 13.7 cm

Short Description:

Take your favourite lunch on the go in this white porcelain enamel airtight food pot. This pot can be used as a healthier alternative to plastic containers. Food can simply be put in the container, which can be closed securely with metal clamps. The lid of the enamel container has a rubber seal that prevents any liquid from leaking out. The storage container is perfect for keeping the food fresh. The food pot is safe and healthy to use for storing food, as it is made of high-quality enamel from natural materials and with a non-porous surface. It is UV and acid resistant, so it can also be used for acidic food, such as fruits, tomatoes etc. It repels bacteria and dirt, so food can be stored hygienically and will retain its natural flavour. It is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. The pot can also be used as a cooking pot, for example, when making your camping holiday. Food in the enamel pot can be heated up on camping stoves and open flames. White airtight food pot (oval) is 12 cm in diameter and has capacity of 0.75 litre.

A vacuum can be created if the pot is closed while the food is still hot. It is best to leave the food cool before closing the lid. If the vacuum is created, it will disappear by itself if the pot is heated up along with the content. Then the lid can be open again easily.


  • Handmade from natural materials *
  • Ecologically and CO² neutral produced in Austria with their own hydroelectric power
  • Induction-compatible and can be used on all oven types – due to the iron core
  • Cut and scratch-resistant – due to the hard surface
  • Easy to clean and bacteria-inhibiting – due to the smooth, non-porous surface made of glass
  • Energy-saving cooking- due to the perfect heat conduction of the iron in the base and walls
  • Healthy and aroma neutral – retains the taste of the ingredients
  • Heat-resistant up to 450°C – maximal recommended working temperature 220 °C
  • Long-lasting if treated properly
  • Dishwasher safe. Hand wash recommended for long lasting enamel gloss.
  • Recyclable into scrap metal

* Porcelain enamel is glass on iron, firmly bound together in the furnace.

Additional information


12 cm


0.75 l


Pure White


Porcelain Enamel

Country of Origin



RIESS Kelomat GmbH


Riess Premium Enamel


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