GREEN BRANDS is an international and independent brand marketing organization. The certification is carried out in cooperation with independent institutions and societies in environmental protection / climate protection and sustainability as well as with market and polling institutes. RIESS KELOMAT has been awarded the Green Brands Seal of Quality for both the entire company and its enamel products through the GREEN BRANDS organization.


RIESS products are produced with their own hydropower. The surplus flows into the public electricity grid, thereby compensating for the CO2 that accumulates in the individual production steps. This means that the environment or atmosphere in the production of a RIESS enamel product with no additional CO2 emissions is charged. The proof with data and facts for the CO2-neutral production provides a study of the FH Wiener Neustadt, Campus Wieselburg with the help of the database of Gemis 4.6 (GEMIS = Global Emissions Model Integrated Systems). Based on these results, the first eco-label for CO2-neutral production of cookware was developed. The sign gives security by buying a RIESS enamel product to contribute to the preservation of nature.


The (EEA) has set itself the task of developing, maintaining and reviewing quality requirements coordinated by the member associations. This guarantees consumers quality through companies that comply with these EEA quality guidelines and are EEA-certified.

TRIGOS Lower Austria 2015

In 2015, RIESS KELOMAT GmbH was nominated for the national TRIGOS Prize and received the TRIGOS Lower Austria in the category of holistic CSR engagement.


Helios – the award for energy efficiency of the state of Lower Austria was awarded in 2014 to RIESS KELOMAT GmbH.

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